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Viome's at-home Health Intelligence Test utilizes the latest and most advanced sequencing technology available on the market to give you in-depth health insights about your gut microbiome and its impact on your energy and cellular health, immunity, and how you’re aging on the inside. 

What Is The Gut Microbiome & Why Does It Matter?

There are approximately 40 trillion microorganisms living in your gut.

They help you digest your food, regulate your immune system, and even control your emotions (ever feel those butterflies in your stomach?). 

Low-grade inflammation in your gut microbiome caused by eating the wrong foods over time can lead to chronic inflammation throughout your body, the root cause of many chronic diseases. The latest research shows that many chronic issues are directly connected to your gut microbiome. 

Viome focuses on optimizing your gut microbiome by matching you with the food and supplements that will bring your gut back into balance, and help you avoid feeding those opportunistic microbes that are contributing to inflammation.

If you struggle with any of the following this test is for you

Bloating & poor digestion

Eating and drinking are common causes of bloating because when the body consumes and digests food and beverages, it produces gas.

Skin irritation or rashes

The gut and skin microbiota are made up of trillions of microbes, derived from thousands of different strains, that live together as an intricate ecological community. 

Feelings of anxiety

Growing evidence indicates the community of microorganisms throughout the gastrointestinal tract, (i.e., gut microbiota), is associated with anxiety and depressive disorders.

Trouble losing weight

Imbalances in the gut microbiota, the bacteria that inhabit the intestines, are central to the pathogenesis of obesity.

Trouble sleeping

Preliminary evidence indicates that microorganisms and circadian genes can interact with each other.

Low energy & brain fog

Intestinal microbes regulate metabolic function and energy balance.

Eating the wrong foods for your body can result in inflammation.

We often interpret signs of inflammation as "Symptoms".

Because no two people respond to all for the same way, signs of inflammation are different in everyone.

This is why understanding what's going on with your body is key before you can know what's healthy for your body!

3 Simple Steps To Better Health



When it comes to getting the right food and supplements, don’t guess. Test! Viome analyzes your blood and stool to generate personalized health insights.




Insights are transformed into Precision Supplements & Prebiotics + Probiotics specifically formulated for you.

Just what you need, nothing that you don’t.

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Follow your food and supplement recommendations for 4-6 months and feel the benefits. Your recommendations are dynamic and evolve with you—retest often for optimal results.



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Health Intelligence Test

  • Improve digestion
  • Enhance focus and sleep
  • Reduce inflammation

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