Blood Transcriptome Gene Expression Cohort Study

By providing a few drops of blood, you can help Viome study gene expression and push boundaries in human health.

Mountain View, CA New York City, NY
  • Receive a blood collection kit via USPS mail.
  • After fasting (minimum of 6 hours) prick your finger and collect a few drops of blood.
  • Return the blood sample to Viome via a prepaid shipping container.
  • Fill out a survey.
  • $10 gift card to either Amazon or Starbucks.
  • Any male or female over the age of 70.
  • USA based address - we will be mailing a collection kit to you.

IRB number: 16138

Principal Investigator: Dr. Momchilo Vuyisich

Study posted: March 2018

Posting will be taken down: After enrollment quota reached

Please contact with any questions or concerns.