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Can I order additional Gut Intelligence™ and Metabolic Intelligence™ tests?

Yes! Our service includes annual Gut Intelligence™ and Metabolic Intelligence™ testing, but you can order additional tests for $199 each. Viome plans to offer an expanded menu of testing options in the near future.

What does Viome's annual plan include?

Our annual plan includes personalized food and nutrient recommendations based on your Gut Intelligence™ and Metabolic Intelligence™ testing. We know your body is always changing, so Viome’s recommendations evolve with your diet, lifestyle, and age. All of your results, analyses and recommendations are accessible through our easy-to-use Viome app.

What is the Gut Intelligence™ test? How is it done?

The Gut Intelligence™ test sequences and analyzes the transcriptome (all RNA molecules) of your gut microbes. This ultra high-resolution analysis provides a species- and strain-level view of your gut microbiome composition. More importantly, it tells us what your gut microorganisms are actually doing. We’ll provide detailed instructions so you can easily perform these measurements at home.

What is the Metabolic Intelligence™ test? How is it done?

The Metabolic Intelligence™ test measures how your body responds to a nutritional challenge. To complete this test, you’ll measure several physiological parameters – including your blood glucose level – before and after drinking a challenge shake. We provide detailed instructions so you can easily perform these measurements at home.

What kind of results and recommendations do you provide?

You’ll receive personalized diet and nutritional recommendations based on your Gut Intelligence™ and Metabolic Intelligence™ test results, so you’ll know which foods to indulge in, enjoy, minimize and avoid. You can track your progress over time by monitoring your Wellness Index in the Viome app, which includes your Gut, Body and Metabolic Scores.

I just signed up for Viome. What happens next?

We’re thrilled to have you! Once you’ve signed up, you should download the Viome app from the App Store. After logging in, you’ll need to answer some questions about yourself and your wellness goals. You’ll receive an email letting you know when your Viome kits have shipped.

How are the Viome kits shipped? How long will it take to receive them?

Your Viome kits ship via the United States Postal Service. Once your kits have shipped, you can expect to receive them in 1-5 business days. Currently, our demand is high and it may take a couple of weeks for you to receive your first kit.

How does Viome differ from other microbiome testing companies?

Many microbiome testing companies perform 16S analysis, which sequences a small portion of a single bacterial gene. 16S analysis has poor resolution – it cannot distinguish between similar bacteria, nor can it identify all of your bacteria. As a result, this method can only detect large changes in your gut microbiome.

Unlike 16S sequencing, Viome’s technology quantifies the expression of genes from all of the microorganisms living in your gut. This analysis identifies all microbes, including viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, bacteriophages, and parasites at very high resolution (down to the strain level). Not only can our testing determine the composition of these organisms, we can also look at their function.

Unlike most other microbiome companies, we use your results to generate practical recommendations that form the basis for your wellness. By following Viome’s diet and lifestyle recommendations, you’ll be able to fine-tune the function of your gut microbiome to optimize your wellness.

How does Viome differ from lab tests that my doctor can order?

Viome is not a one-time test – our goal is to empower you with the tools to maximize your personal wellness. Our service is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.

I changed my diet a few weeks ago. How long will it take to see effects on my samples?

Everyone is different. Depending on the current composition of your microbiome and how dramatically you’ve changed your diet, it can take anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks to affect your Gut Intelligence™ and Metabolic Intelligence™ results. You can monitor your progress over time by ordering additional Viome tests.

Do you test for food sensitivities?

No. However, we’ll ask you about food sensitivities in the questionnaires included in the Viome app. If we suspect you have food sensitivities, we may suggest a specific diet to help elucidate them.

Does Viome recommend supplements? Can I buy them from you?

We may make supplement recommendations based on your unique results. Whether you choose to take them is completely up to you! Viome does not sell supplements, but the ones we recommend will always be of proven quality and easily accessible on the market.

I have struggled with an undiagnosed illness for years. Can Viome help?

Our service does not diagnose or treat any disease. However, we do generate a high-resolution view of your internal ecosystem, which may provide novel insights and help you manage your overall wellness.

If I sign up for Viome, should I still see my physician?

Viome’s service does not take the place of any health practitioner or physician, and should not replace your annual check-ups or health maintenance procedures.

I follow a specific diet. Will the recommendations take my diet into account?

We’re in this together. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, or follow any other specific diet, our recommendations will adapt to fit your dietary preferences.

Does Viome’s service need to be ordered by a physician?

No. You can sign up for Viome by clicking here.

What can I expect from Coach Vie?

Coach Vie is your artificially intelligent wellness companion. While we do not offer one-on-one nutritional coaching, Coach Vie can provide answers to frequently asked questions and let you know when your recommendations change.

Testing & Results

I just received my Viome kits. Is there anything I need to do before I start my testing?

Before starting your Gut Intelligence™ test, make sure to scan the QR code on the tube into your app by tapping “Add Information”, then “Add Kit.” Before starting your Metabolic Intelligence™ test, please read the instructions thoroughly.

If you take regular supplements, you can continue taking them during your Viome testing. If you are on short-term supplements, you can wait 2 weeks after stopping them to complete your Viome testing. However, it is completely up to you whether or not you discontinue your supplements. 

What are the ingredients in the glucose challenge pack that’s included in the Metabolic Intelligence™ kit?

The challenge pack contains glucose and cream of tartar.

I think I messed up one of my samples. What should I do?

If you have any questions or concerns about your samples, email us here.

I just sent my samples back to Viome. How long will it take to get my results?

Based on our current demand, we estimate that your results will be loaded into your Viome app approximately 4 weeks after we receive your Gut Intelligence sample, Metabolic Intelligence test results, and completed app questionnaires. We appreciate your patience as we work to reduce this wait time.

If you need to redo any part of your Viome kit, we’ll contact you directly.

I’m worried about the security of my data. What are you doing to make sure it stays secure?

At Viome, we take privacy and security very seriously. We keep your information safe from the moment you enroll, starting with our payment system, which has been certified with the most stringent level of security.

Where can I find the QR code that needs to scanned into the app?

The QR code is located inside of your Gut Intelligence™ kit. To find it,

Open the Gut Intelligence box
Open the tube with the white cap
Remove the tube with the brown cap. The QR code is on the tube with the brown cap.
I don't want to drink the challenge shake for the Metabolic Intelligence™ test. Do I have the option to complete only the Gut Intelligence™ testing?

In order to receive the most valuable personalized recommendations, you’ll need to complete the Gut Intelligence™ test, Metabolic Intelligence™ test, and the Viome app questionnaires. You will not receive your full set of results and recommendations if you complete only the Gut Intelligence™ test.

;If you cannot complete the Metabolic Intelligence™ test because you are diabetic, it is crucial that you answer all of the Viome app questionnaires. In lieu of the complete Metabolic Intelligence™ test, take your fasting glucose measurement using the supplied glucometer and enter it into the first time point on the Metabolic Intelligence™ questionnaire.

I submitted my Gut Intelligence™ sample and it completed sequencing weeks ago. Why haven't I received my results?

To provide your personalized recommendations, we need your completed app questionnaires, Metabolic Intelligence™ test results, and your Gut Intelligence™ sample.
If you have any questions about components you may be missing, you can email us here

Can you provide more information about the validity of Viome's testing?

To learn about the science behind Viome, visit Our Science page here. For additional information, you can also read a review of Viome’s service written by Dr. Mark Hyman, the Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine.

Will I receive my raw data with my results?

Raw data refers to the sequence of nucleotides on the isolated strands of RNA and is meaningless without the appropriate interpretive software. Microbiome raw RNA sequencing data needs to be run through proven bioinformatics pipeline before it could be used to identify the organisms, genes and enzymes. This effort can only be accomplished by a highly qualified microbial bioinformatics expert. 

Viome provides amazing value by sequencing all the RNA from your sample, and then running it through our advanced bioinformatics pipeline in order to annotate the transcripts, genes and enzymes that are being expressed, as well as identifying all organisms at all taxonomic levels. Viome uses the most comprehensive proprietary database of all known organisms. Viome customers receive fully annotated results & interpretation of those results along with actionable insights at an affordable price.

How does Viome generate my results and recommendations?

Viome uses a combination of -omics data and AI analysis to generate our recommendations. The data we feed into our algorithms is gathered via our Gut Intelligence (GI) and Metabolic Intelligence (MI) tests, as well as the questionnaires we administer via our app. We use our GI test to determine microbial taxonomy, and the MI test provides us with metabolic response data. Data gathered via the GI and MI kits are displayed in the "Results" section of our app. We are in the final phases of incorporating blood transcriptomics and urine metabolomics data into our recommendations algorithm as well.

Viome App

Does Viome have an app?

Yes – this is the primary way you’ll interact with Vie, your personal wellness companion. After signing up on our website, you can download our app here and and log in with your email address and password.

I have an Android phone. Can I still use the app?

Our app is currently only available for iOS, but non-iOS customers can access the web dashboard via a web browser. To log in to your web dashboard, click Login at the top right corner of the Viome website, then enter your email address and password.

I don't have a smart phone, can I still sign up for Viome?

Yes. You can access your Viome web dashboard through most modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. To log in to your web dashboard, click Login at the top right corner of the Viome website, then enter your email address and password.

Eligibility & Membership

I live outside of the United States. Can I sign up for Viome?

Our service is currently only available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, but we’re looking to expand globally in the near future. In the meantime, you can sign up on our international mailing list here, and we’ll let you know when Viome becomes available near you.

Is Viome available for children?

Viome’s service is suitable for everyone, including children ages 0-18. We believe that Viome can be a useful tool for monitoring the development of your child’s microbiome as they get older. Infants are eligible to complete only the Gut Intelligence™ portion of our testing.

Customers under 18 will need to sign separate forms than the adult consent form that’s available on our website. If you would like to enroll a minor in our service, please

contact us.

Can I receive a refund if I decide to cancel early?

Viome is an annual service. While you may opt out of participation at any time, the full subscription amount will be due regardless of early cancellation.

How can I renew my membership?

Your membership is automatically renewed at the end of the stated service period until canceled.

Can I use my health insurance to sign up for Viome?

At this time, we cannot accept health insurance or HSA cards as payment for our service.

Do you have a phone number?

We prefer to use email and our app to communicate with customers. If you have questions that need to be addressed over the phone, email us with your phone number and we can give you a call back.

I signed up for Viome a few months ago, but now I’d like to switch plans. Can I do that?

Yes! If you’d like to switch plans, please email us here. Note that if you’ve already completed two Viome testing cycles, you cannot change your plan. Instead, you have the option to order additional Viome testing for $199 per test.

I see that Viome's new annual plan includes one set of tests per year. How can I track my progress over time with only one test?

While Viome’s annual plan includes one Gut Intelligence™ and Metabolic Intelligence™ test per year, you have the option to order additional tests for $199.

We created a more flexible plan to better suit your individual needs. Maybe you’d like to test more frequently to monitor your progress, or maybe you need more time in between tests–whether you’re on vacation, still working on making changes to your diet, or you just can’t find the time.

I'm already a Viome customer, and I was planning to sign up for the same plan next year. Is that possible?

Viome’s Insight and Basic plans will be available until the end of your first year of service. After this year, we will only offer one subscription option.

Can I switch plans if I've already completed one Viome kit? What if I've completed two?

You can switch plans if you’ve already completed one Viome kit. If you’ve been enrolled in Viome for more than three months and have already completed your second kit, you unfortunately cannot switch plans. Instead, you have the option to order additional Viome testing for $199 per test.

If I switch to the new Viome plan, can I receive a refund for the money I’ve paid?

Yes. If you switch to a more affordable plan, we’ll refund the difference between the two annual plans. If you’re a monthly customer, you’ll need to pay up front for your new plan, and we’ll deduct what you’ve already paid for your Viome membership.

I've already signed up for Viome, but I just received an email that you're having a promotion. Can I receive a discount?

When you sign up for Viome, your card is automatically charged for one year of service. However, we can make adjustments if you were offered a discount through a promotion. Note that we do not compound discounts, but instead apply the highest one to your account. If an adjustment has been made, please allow 10 business days for it to be processed.