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Break Away
from Your DNA

DNA tests don’t give insights about your health right now. Viome gives you precise food & nutritional recommendations.

$ 299


Your DNA doesn’t change across your life and doesn't show your current health.






Your gut microbiome changes constantly and can affect your health right now.


Viome can show how your microbiome impacts your health and gives you precise and actionable nutrition recommendations.

DNA Is Not Dynamic

No matter how many times you take a test, it will show you the same information.


Viome Gut Intelligence Kit

  • Potentially hereditary risk factors for some diseases
  • Live, actionable, health insights
  • Limited view, shows DNA only
  • High resolution view of gut microbiome and RNA
  • Results & recommendations never change
  • Nutritional guidance changes as your microbiome does

Your Gut Microbiome IS Dynamic

Just like your health

Your digestive system hosts trillions of microbes, far outnumbering your human DNA. Depending on the foods you eat, the microbes in your gut produce substances that can either be helpful or harmful. This means that the composition and diversity of your microbiome is constantly changing based upon diet and environmental factors. Ideally we want to have a resilient gut, rich and abundant in diverse microbes.

Your microbiome
has been shown to affect:

There are very few associations between your human DNA, which remains the same your whole life, and the current state of your health.

Instead, by examining the composition of your gut microbiome, and what those gut microbes do and produce there (by testing for RNA*), you are able to get a much better picture of your current health, and how it may be influencing the health of your entire body. RNA, or Ribonucleic Acid, is a portion of a strand of DNA that is “expressed” and carries out its individual genetic function.

Learn more about the difference
between DNA and RNA.

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Viome's Gut Intelligence Test

A Test that Stands Above the Rest

$ 299

Viome analyzes your gut microbiome, cellular and mitochondrial health gives you health scores to improve with personalized food & nutrition recommendations

Measure your health and see which scores you need to focus on like Digestive Efficiency or Inflammatory Activity

Nourish yourself with Superfoods to eat more of, foods to Avoid or Minimize & supplements to support overall health

Improve your health,  re-test to see how your scores change over time & update recommendations to meet your new goals.

DNA is not your destiny. Now is the time to take back control of your health and wellness!

Get the only RNA gut microbiome test that can give you the most accurate health insights and recommendations, personalized only for you.

$ 299

Want to learn more about what your gut microbiome and RNA can tell you about your health?

Why RNA, and Not DNA: How Viome Assesses Microbial Activity

DNA doesn’t change. Your Microbiome changes based on multiple factors


Viome Gut
Intelligence Kit

Can Change Based On:

Food & Nutrition

Medicine/ Antibiotics

Virus/ Illness

Stress/ Mood


Pets in Home





DNA is not your destiny.

$ 299
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Currently available for US customers only.

Perinatal nutrition is critical to the health and wellbeing of expecting mothers and their children. As our understanding of perinatal nutrition has evolved, we at Viome have identified the need for optimal nutrition during this unique period of growth. Nutrition that not only supports your developing baby, but also supports your unique needs in all phases of the perinatal journey.

With this aim, Viome has made the business decision to discontinue offering our current Viome Precision Supplements to our pregnant customers while we develop a new product line. Viome has taken up the challenge to produce a superior perinatal product that meets the needs of both mother and baby. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, please wait on purchasing our supplements at this time. Our Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics are a good alternative option.