Viome Essential - Gut Intelligence Test

  • In-home Gut Intelligence test kit
  • Your personalized nutrition recommendations to follow for 90 days
  • Updates to your recommendations as we learn more
  • Access to latest features and scores about your gut's health
  • Retests at $199 to track your progress and keep your gut in check

$399 $299 / plan

For state regulatory reasons our tests are temporarily not available in NY, CA, DE, MD, PA, RI.

Get notified when your state or country is available:


Take the Test

We'll send you your easy to use at-home Gut intelligence® Test kit to collect your sample! Next, we'll analyze your samples in order to understand what nutrients and toxins are being produced by your gut organisms & provide you with detailed personalized recommendations within just 4 weeks.


Get Your Results

Using our Metatranscriptomics Technology, we'll score your gut microbiome balance, pathway activities and functions, and their integrative impacts on metabolism, inflammation, and other wellness factors.


Insights and Action

Based on your unique results, we'll recommend specific and personalized foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes to support your wellness at cellular and molecular levels!

Precision You

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all path to total health. Viome Essential assesses your microbiome in order to provide nutrition recommendations meant just for YOU.

 It's time to listen to your gut.  

What’s Included in Viome Essential

Microbiome Testing

Throughout your Viome lifetime, you’ll receive an ultra-high resolution view of the composition and function of all of your gut microorganisms – including bacteria, viruses, bacteriophages, archaea, fungi, yeast, parasites, and more. Viome's annual plan allows you to re-test at a steep discount whenever you’d like, at any point during the year.

Personalized Lifestyle and Diet Recommendations

In less than 4 weeks after completing your Gut Intelligence™ test, you’ll start to receive precise recommendations for foods to Indulge, Enjoy, Minimize and Avoid—along with actionable information about your own unique microbiome. Throughout the year, your recommendations will evolve based on your changing diet and lifestyle.

Viome's AI-enabled Chat Bot Vie

Vie is available to answer frequently asked questions, provide you tidbits for better health, and check in with you now and then about how things are going. Over time, Vie will learn new skills and become better at assisting you on your wellness journey.

The Viome Cycle

You will continually benefit from the latest research as we refine your recommendations to reflect your ever-evolving gut. 

Member Steps


Kit Analysis

Send in your samples that help create personalized recommendations that you can track and evolve with you

Viome Steps


Viome Results

Analyzing your at-home Gut Intelligence® Tests, with the help of AI, to provide more insightful data and recommendations



Member Steps


Feedback Loop

Your microbiome are always evolving, so feedback and retesting over the course of your lifetime are integral in keeping things happy and healthy



Actionable Recommendations

Based on the samples, our existing data, and team of experts, we create your personalized recommendations for lifestyle and diet changes

Conflicting food advice is now obsolete.

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