Viome’s October Update Tells You Why

Sep 29, 2018

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We are excited to share with you Viome’s October 2018 update! As your recommendations become more refined, we are telling you WHY certain foods ended up in your avoid or superfood categories. 

Here’s what to look out for...

First, your homepage is getting a minor facelift – all helpful videos are now easier to look through, and your three most important recommendations are super accessible, right at the top. 

These three core recommendations include:

  • Your personalized avoid foods – Your avoid foods are now personalized! Not only will you find out which foods you should avoid, but you’ll be able to see why you should avoid them. 

  • Your personalized superfoods – Your superfoods are going to change and you will now have more than 5 to choose from. What's more, you’ll see why you should add more of these helpful ingredients to your meals. 

  • Your personalized supplements – Your supplements are now easy to access right from the homepage. Simply click the “My Supplements” button and find out what you can take to improve your gut health. 

Another change you’ll see is your indulge and enjoy foods are being combined, this is just to make following recommendations easier.

The reasoning for your superfoods and avoid foods being refined is that we want to highlight the primary foods that will help in restoring your microbiome efficiently. 


Remember – Each update is a reflection of three things:

  1. The growing science database – New gut microbiome research is constantly being released and added to Viome’s mega-database. Our experts review each study and, if it passes our rigorous standards, they teach the findings to Vie, Viome’s AI machine. 

  2. Vie’s constant refinement – Much like a graduate student, Vie is always getting smarter. As more and more science and biological data is added to his algorithms, his processing and experience become more sophisticated. 

  3. Your feedback – Your feedback is the biggest influence over all design changes. We also incorporate new information with each update based on what you want to see. Thank you for all your wonderful feedback, and keep it coming! 


A balanced microbiome is one that has a wide variety of organisms and functions. In other words, you want a high richness and diversity. Robust richness and diversity create an ecosystem of organisms in your microbiome that can withstand many different types of stress.  Stresses such a drastic change in diet, running a marathon, being exposed to toxins like pesticides, or even emotional stress wear on the body. 

All of these negative effects on your body can be mitigated or lessened by a healthy microbiome – so when you promote good gut microbiome health, the rest of your body reaps the benefits.

Continuously supporting your gut is like strengthening your body when you work out at the gym – except a lot less work! The process is ongoing, you get out what you put in, and the results are profound!

Retest to Ramp Up Your Recommendations!

Your gut microbiome is seriously impressive – it’s constantly working hard to shift its functions to better meet your needs. The constant evolution of your gut microbiota means that after 3 to 4 months, you should retest to continue building momentum behind your improving health. 

Just like when you work out at the gym, the body gets used to the same old workouts. To get stronger, you need to switch it up from time to time. When your retest with Viome, you are building momentum and using the retest to take your health to the next level.

Things like stress, traveling, antibiotics, getting a new pet, and pregnancy can all influence your gut microbiome. 

Viome results aren’t your recommendations for life – they should evolve alongside you. 

As well as updating your Viome recommendations periodically with a retest, you should also consider testing after specific life events that can have a serious impact on your microorganisms.

  • If it’s been more than six months since your last test

  • If you took antibiotics 

  • If you’re trying to get pregnant or have become pregnant

  • If you’ve traveled out of the country

  • If you’re under a lot of stress

  • If you got a new pet

  • If you’ve been following recommendations and are feeling better

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Viome’s October Update Tells You Why

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