Personalized nutrition recommendations based on your gut microbiome

The gut microbiome is associated with overall wellness including weight management, sleep, stress, digestion, and mood. Viome's award-winning gut microbiome test stands above the rest and gives you truly actionable insights.


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2019 Company of the year - Microbiome

"Viome is the only company currently able to identify and quantify the gut microbiota to examine what these live organisms are producing and present personalized diet and nutrition advice."

Proud to be awarded Microbiome company of the year

Empowering insights today, for a healthier you tomorrow.

Because Viome gives you a more holistic view of the health of your microbiome, you’re provided a deeper level of clarity and insights than is possible with other tests.


Unrivaled learning about your microbiome and how it can impact your health.


Eliminate your diet guesswork with your personalized 90-day nutrition plan.


Personalized supplement recommendations right for you.

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$299 $129

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start your journey in 3 Easy steps


You order your kit.

Register your kit, collect your sample, and complete your questionnaires.


We analyze your sample.

Send your sample off to our state-of-the-art laboratory for analysis.


You get results.

Your recommendations are delivered right to you through your Viome app, tablet, and computer.

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Why we do it

One man's food is another man's poison. 

While we humans share more than 99% of our DNA, tremendous diversity exists among us when it comes to our unique gut microbiome, the cornerstone of our health and the "second brain" of our bodies. Because no two people digest food the same way, a food that may be healthy for one person may cause inflammation in another. 

Analyzing the function of your microbes allows us to identify what metabolites they're producing so we can provide food recommendations that are right for your body.


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How we can help

Let food be thy medicine. 

The foods we recommend on each list are intended to help your microbiome stimulate the production of healthy nutrients that your body needs right now and minimize the toxins being produced which may be causing inflammation inside your body. 

Get to the bottom of what foods are right for you and discover how optimizing the activity of your gut can dramatically improve the condition of your health.

Our Products

With Viome's Gut Intelligence Test™ you’ll receive:

  • Your Gut Intelligence Test™ kit

  • Your complete gut microbiome analysis & personalized scores

  • Lists of foods to enjoy, minimize, or avoid and why

  • Recommendations for probiotics & supplements 

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Science of Viome

Viome’s technology offers the highest resolution of a person’s gut microbiome available.

Not only is Viome able to identify and quantify the living microorganisms in your gut, but more importantly, we are able to identify what these organisms are actually producing and whether or not it is causing your body harm.

Our science involves two revolutionary pieces of technology:

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Artificial intelligence


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Our mission

“We are driven by our goal to create a world where chronic illness can truly be a matter of choice instead of bad luck.”

— Naveen Jain, CEO

The healthcare system today is reactive and set up to suppress symptoms. We believe that the focus should be more on the cause. We are a passionate team of researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs focused on having the most complete understanding of the human body on a molecular level, targeting the underlying cause of illness and empowering every human to take ownership of his or her own health. We started with the microbiome, the body’s richest source of microbes, because of its impact on nearly every chronic disease.

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CLIA Compliant

We are now the world’s first company to offer CLIA certified RNA sequencing technology. Your microbiome analysis is performed in a US laboratory that is certified to meet CLIA standards—the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988. A CLIA certified lab must meet certain quality standards and ensures the accuracy and reliability of your results.

We Protect Your Privacy

To ensure the confidentiality of your data and your results, we separate users' personally identifiable information (PII) from protected health information (PHI) and use multiple layers of encryption and access protection. It is also important to know that unlike human DNA testing where the results never change and can always be associated with you, Viome’s stool RNA microbiome testing results cannot be associated with you individually over time.

We do not provide your information or results to employers or health insurance companies. Viome will never sell your data.

Gut Intelligence

Feel the difference.

Order Viome's Gut Intelligence test kit today and have it delivered right to your home! Have questions? Reach out to us at info@viome.com